Real Techniques brushes vs fake Aliexpress brushes

I bet almost everyone has heard of Aliexpress, but if you don’t belong to almost everyone: Aliexpress is a website from which you can order literally everything you’ve ever heard of. For a very reasonable price. Most of the products are produced in and shipped from China. I ordered some fake Real Techniques brushes at Aliexpress, and I compared them with the real Real Techniques (what a weird sentence). Aliexpress brushes may be half of the price of Real Techniques brushes, or even less, but does that immediately mean that they’re way worse? I tested it for you.

Just a little recap: Real Techniques brushes are the best brushes I’ve ever tried. They’re soft and they apply your makeup evenly so that it looks very natural. As you can read, the bar is set high for the Aliexpress brushes.

real techniques brushes

The brushes above are original Real Technique brushes. The have a rubber bottom, white letters printed on the side and soft hairs that are white at the top (well, these are not white anymore, haha). The brushes are really soft so you barely feel them when applying your makeup.

real techniques aliexpress

One of the first sets that I bought on Aliexpress is this one. I have to say, the packaging looks exactly the same as the original brushes. I literally can’t see any differences. I bought this set for about €5. For real.

This set is called the ‘Core Collection’. It contains a contour brush, a buffing brush, a pointed foundation brush and a detailer brush. Oh, by the way, did you know that Real Techniques uses a colour code for their brushes? Orange means that these brushes are meant for the base. There are also purple brushes, which can be used for your eyes, and the pink brushes can be used for the finish. Just so you know.

real techniques aliexpress

On the picture above you can see the Core Collection and the original base brush from the Multitask set. At first glance, you can’t really see that much difference, right? Me neither. The brushes are just as big as the real one, and the shape of the bottom part is the same.

real techniques aliexpress

If you really focus on the logo on the brushes, you can see some small differences. The lower brush is the real one, the other two are fake ones. The lower two look alike, I think, although the letters of the middle one appear to be a bit thinner. The upper one, however, has a yellowish/greenish logo.

real techniques aliexpress

Another thing that often is the case with cheap brushes, is that not all the hairs have the same length. The left brush is the fake brush, and you can see some longer hairs between the rest. This is not the case with the brush on the right, the real brush. I don’t think this is a really important difference, however.

Ok, it’s great that they almost look the same, but do these Aliexpress brushes work just as nicely as the real Real Technique brushes? I have to say, I can’t really tell the difference. Yes, if I’m really focussing on the differences between these brushes, I can feel some difference in the softness of the brushes. But besides that, these Aliexpress brushes apply my makeup the same way the original ones do.

real techniques aliexpress

I bought this set, called the “Starter Set”, together with the Core Collection. Again, this packaging looks very very similar to the real ones. This set also cost me about €5.

real techniques aliexpress

On the picture above you can see the fake brushes (the five on the left), and the real brush (the one on the right). The only difference I can see is that the colour of some brushes is slightly different. I think it is still a really good copy of the Real Techniques brushes.

real techniques aliexpress

In this case, I think the logo on the fake brush (the upper one) looks a bit thicker than the original logo. Still, you can only see this if you really focus on the differences. But that’s what I’m doing 😉 .

Actually, the same counts for these brushes. I can’t really tell the difference between the real Real Techniques and the fake ones, only that the real ones are a bit softer.

real techniques aliexpress

Another set that I bought on Aliexpress is this set. It’s called the “Sculpting Set”, but this one did not come with a packaging. I have to say, at first sight, the brushes looked real to me. But when I took a closer look, I saw this:

real techniques aliexpress

What’s this!? I really don’t think that this brush looks good. This is probably what most people expect from fake brushes from Aliexpress, and I have to say, of course this can happen. You never really know the quality of the products before you buy them.

real techniques aliexpress

On the other hand, the other brushes from this set look good. They’re not as soft as the other two sets from Aliexpress, but they work. I think this set was about €3, so I think that for that price, this set is a nice addition to my collection of fake Real Technique brushes 😉 .

Ok, I really have to make an end to this loooong blogpost. As you can see, it’s impossible to know beforehand if the brushes from Aliexpress are great or not. I think that the best thing to do is to read the reviews about that product on Aliexpress, if there are any, and then just guess. You can see that sometimes the brushes are great!

Have you ever ordered makeup brushes on Aliexpress?


  1. Kim says:

    Ohh gaaf! Hier was ik al erg benieuwd naar! Ondanks dat de haren misschien niet helemaal oke , wel het proberen waard voor die kleine prijs

  2. Dhini says:

    Ik twijfel om real techniques brushes via aliexpress te bestellen. Ik besteld dus gewone brushes. Laatst bestelde ik prof oval make-up brushes.
    Misschien is het leuk als je de links naar de verkoper erbij zetten. Misschien ga ik toch RT brushes via aliexpress bestellen. De prijs is aantrekkelijk

    • Marloes says:

      Links had ik al naar gekeken maar die zijn er helaas niet meer! Ik heb zelf gezocht op ‘real techniques brushes’ en als het goed is vind je er dan een paar.

  3. Lonneke says:

    Ik ben erg trouw aan merken. RT is mijn favoriete merk en zou ook zijn ze voor de prijs oke voor een na-maak gaan. Wel een duidelijke vergelijking.

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