Ear party inspiration: minimalistic earrings

I recently got my ears double pierced. Long story short: I was really scared because the first time I got my ears pierced something went wrong so it hurt a lot, but this time it wasn’t a big deal. In three weeks I can finally switch my earrings and choose which earrings I want to wear. Lucardi let me choose some earrings from their new minimalistic collection; coincidence? I think not. 😉 In this post I’m showing you the earrings that I chose to give you some inspiration for your ear party!

The earrings that I chose are very minimalistic, obviously, and that is something that I really love. I prefer wearing multiple small earrings over wearing one pair of large earrings. In this way you can really make your own personal combination of earrings.
ear party lucardi earrings
I chose these pairs of earrings. I’ve been obsessing over small gold earrings lately, so I mainly chose those. And because I wanted some earrings to match with the earrings that I have to wear for 6 weeks.
earrings gold rings lucardi ear party
First of all, I chose these gold small hoops. I really like this kind of hoops if they’re small, and these are the perfect size for my ears.
ear party earring gold lucardi
I also chose these chain earrings. If you wear them, they look like hoop earrings, except that it’s not a hoop, but a chain. I think that this looks very cool and it’s perfect to combine with the hoop earrings on the previous picture, or with stud earrings.
lucardi earrings small gold ear party
The next pair that I chose is this pair of stud earrings. I really like them because they’re very small. Like, really small. In this way your earlobe doesn’t look like an ear rave, but just a nice ear party 😉
ear party lucardi earrings minimalistic bar
Of course I also chose these bar earrings. Classic. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately, and I also wanted to have them, but I wanted good quality earrings that weren’t too expensive. So when I saw that Lucardi also sold these, I decided to add them to my list :) .
ear party earring chain lucardi
I liked the chain earrings so much, that I decided to take the silver ones as well. I just love them!
ear party earrings silver lucardi In this picture you can see how they look. Aren’t they cool? I really like them!
ear party earrings silver lucardi
I also chose the small stud earrings in silver. I really like to wear them when I don’t want my jewellery to grab a lot of attention.
I am really happy with my new collection! Now it’s time to wait for another 3 weeks so that I can change my new earrings with earrings that I actually want to wear :) You can find the earrings that I chose, and many more, on the website of Lucardi on the page with minimalistic jewellery or at one of their stores.
Do you like the ear party trend?


  1. Rieneke says:

    I usually go for the minimalistic earrings as well. Don’t need a whole lot going on distracting me. Not too sure about getting my ears pierced again… I think I’ll just go with the ones I have 😉

  2. Margon says:

    Die met dat kettinkje zijn leuk!! Ik draag niet zo vaak oorbellen, maar wat ik heb is ook minimalistisch. Net die kleine extra touch, maar niet te opvallend.

  3. Carlijn says:

    Leuk! Ik draag zelf vooral veel zilver, maar heb de laatste tijd ook wat gouden oorbelletjes gekocht. Staat soms net een tikje chiquer. Vind die oorbelletjes met dat kettinkje eraan echt heel tof!

  4. Jessica says:

    Ik ben normaal niet van die hele pieterpeuterige oorbellen, maar ik vind die zilveren met die draadjes aan de onderkant wel heel erg gaaf

  5. .kim says:

    Jaaaa ik vind het helemaal leuk!! Ik heb zelf 2 gaatjes in ieder oor, maar lijkt mij geweldig om er nog 2 bij te hebben.. 👌

    • Marloes says:

      Ja ik wil ook graag nog 3e gaatjes laten schieten! Maar ik denk dat die net in het kraakbeen mnoeten dan en dat vind ik een minder fijn idee haha

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