Our summer holiday in France: photodiary

Long time no see! The last few weeks I’ve spent my summer holiday In France with my family. We went to the South-West coast, close to Mimizan. I had never been to this area before, or at least, I can’t remember being there as a child. In this post I am showing you lots of pictures from our holiday and I’m giving you a short summary of what we did!

The first days of our holiday it was about 38 degrees Celsius, so we headed towards the beach. Since we were staying at the West coast, the sea was perfect for surfing. Too bad we didn’t do that. Surfing is still one of the things I would love to do, but I bet I’m not that good at it, haha.

After getting completely used to our mobile home and the campsite we were staying, we went to Mimizan. What a lovely city! I must say it has become very touristic, but I kinda like that.

france summer holiday mimizan france holiday mimizan france holiday mimizan

Every Thursday night, there was this “Marché Nocturne” (night market) at our village. Of course we wanted to know what kind of things we could find here, so we went to take a look. At the market I bought one of the best cotton candies in times and some beautiful bracelets and anklets.

summer holiday france
awkwardly posing for a picture (you won’t believe how many photos were photobombed by my brothers)

A week after we arrived at the campsite, it was my 18th birthday! We celebrated this with strawberry cake and we went out for dinner (tapas!) in Mimizan. Tapas is one of my favourite dishes, because you can choose several small plates without feeling guilty, hahaha. After that I ordered this huuuge icecream.

summer holiday france mimizan summer holiday france tapas summer holiday france mimizan

We also went to Moliets one night, where we also ate tapas (because why not). This small town had also grown out to be quite touristic, but that meant that there was a crêpe/churros shop in town. I call that an advantage :) .

summer holiday france churros

In the last week, my brothers wanted to visit an aquapark in Seignosse, but my mother and I didn’t really fancy swimming all day, so we visited the market around the corner and after that, we went to Hossegor. Oh my god, what a rich town. It’s quite touristic, but all the shops there are so expensive! Even the icecream was more expensive in Hossegor. But that didn’t stop us from buying the icecream that we were craving so badly. After that we returned to Seignosse to have dinner. We had the biggest hamburgers ever!

summer holiday france

summer holiday france

Because we were so close to the Spanish border, we decided to visit San Sebastián for a day. I expected this to be a surf-city mainly famous for its beach, but was blown away by the beautiful architecture. We climbed Mount Urgüll, which is a great idea for during the morning or evening, but not at 14:00 when it’s 28 degrees. Let’s just say that I speak from experience. However, I immediately forgave this bad decision when we arrived at the top and had the most stunning view of the coast. We also had an icecream (yes, I’m addicted), visited the cathedral and did some shopping. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Before we went on holiday, I told my parents that I also really wanted to visit Bordeaux, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to go there. Well, that’s a good reason to go back one day!

Did you go on holiday this summer? Where did you go?


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